• Contributed to the development of the WHO Biosafety Train the-Trainer Program and Lab Manual development (training companion to the WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual, (3rded.)
  • Developed and hosted two national and one international Frontline Healthcare Workers Safety Conferences
  • Founded and produced two proprietary Homeland Security Summit/CounterTerrorism Drills
  • Twice awarded government contract to manage the National Biosafety & Biocontainment Training Program (NBBTP)
  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures for government and private sector BSL 3 and 4 labs
  • Delivered custom BSL3 and 4 training toBoston University National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories
    • National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC)
    • National Institutes of Health
    • United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases
    • Invited to participate on the Blue Ribbon Panel for Issues of Clinical Laboratory Safety and the Trans-Federal Task Force on Optimizing Biosafety and Biocontainment Oversight;
  • Built a global network of contract instructors with outstanding credentials in the national and international biosafety communities that provide sustainable biosafety training worldwide;
  • Provided instructors and project support for the 2010 Train the Trainer course in Laboratory Biosafety Principles and Practices at the Singapore Polytechnic Institute, sponsored by the WHO Collaborating Center for Applied Biosafety Programs, Training, and Department of Homeland Research at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland. The course was offered in partnership with the Regional Emerging Diseases Intervention (REDI) Center (Singapore), the Singapore Polytechnic Institute, the Ministry of Health of Singapore, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, the National Biosafety and Biocontainment Training Program at NIH, and the Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association;
  • Developed proprietary Maximum Risk Assessment model applied to national and international risk assessments
  • Conducted biosafety research resulting in numerous publications and patent prosecutions